Save-the-Date Announcements

So you have finally picked a date. That’s great! Now do you want to send out Save-The-Date notices? Keep in mind, you don’t want to send these out a year away from your wedding date. We all know things can get lost or misplaced in the shuffle of everyday life.
These days, with all you can do and find on the internet, more and more people are making their own.

You can also be very creative and give a sneak peek on the theme of your wedding. How about something like this for a beach wedding?

You can keep things very simple and make it personal by adding a photo of the happy couple.

All you need to really have on there is very basic information; you just need to let your friends and family know the date of the wedding. A great idea is to make them into a magnet! We all know how many times we go into the fridge everyday.

So, keep things lighthearted and fun with these. You can be serious later when it comes down to the wedding invites.

How to dress the men for your beach wedding!

Depending on the time of year and the location of your wedding we all know it can be HOT HOT HOT!!
You may want to be a little more casual and comfortable for a beach wedding. Do the guys really want to be in a tux when it’s 95 degrees and 100% humidity? Not to sure they would like that.
You can still be dressed, colors to match your bridesmaids but keeping them in mind at the same time.

You can have fun with the colors and then the guys have a nice outfit that they can buy and keep! Might just save some money in the long run.

Keep in mind your littlest of the guys to, how cute are these two?

So ladies & gentlemen all of this is just food for thought. Hope you like the ideas…..

Wedding bliss

So who’s it going to be??????

Who’s it going to be????
Selecting a bridal party can sometimes be a headache.
You both have to sit down and figure this one out together. The size of the bridal party can vary from just having a Best man and Maid/Matron of Honor, to as many bridesmaids/groomsmen you would like.
You may or may not want your sister your sister as your Maid of Honor, you can have a relative or your best friend. Heck, who says you can’t have them both???

The more bridesmaids, can sometimes be more trouble than what you think, now they all have to decide on a dress, shower location/date and all the other joys that come with this title. Keep in mind, the more bridesmaids, the more of a cost to you…yes you a thank you gift and bouquets.

Keep your parents happy by thinking about having your siblings in the wedding. If they are too young, you can have another special title for them. Maybe you’ll have fans if you are getting married outside or programs to be handed out.
So what do you do if your BFF is of the opposite sex? No problem, you can have him be your Man of Honor. Just run this buy your fiancé first, just to make sure he’s ok with that.
Now keep in mind this can go either way, his BF just might be a woman, or his sister, then we would have Best Women! (But then again, aren’t we all the best!!)
There are no rules written in stone…’s all up to the two of you.

Keep in mind when thinking about whom to pick, just what will go into being in a wedding. Take the time to talk to all of them, just don’t assume they can afford or not to enjoy this honor.

Once upon a perfect night, unclouded and still, there came the face of a pale and beautiful lady. The tresses of her hair reached out to make the constellations, and the dewy vapours of her gown fell soft upon the land.

Kit Williams

Dress Shopping……

This is the day you have been waiting for, time to go look for your wedding dress!!
It’s always a good idea to take some time and check those bridal magazines to get an idea on what you might like. Check on line with some of the boutiques you are looking at and see what they have, are they in your price range, is it extra for alterations, who is going with you, it’s not like you see on TV, most places will limit the number of people you can bring. Make sure to bring the people that are near and dear to you. Before you go for your first outing, decide what your budget will be for the dress. Now does that budget include…..undergarments, shoes, headpiece and jewelry??? If it does, you may want to take a little off the top of your budget so as you don’t go over. One big question to ask no matter where you go for your dress is, ARE ALTERATIONS INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE!

Here are just a few Do’s and Don’ts for going dress shopping
Find the best dress for your silhouette
Take pictures (be sure to check if it’s allowed)
Go buy yourself a new bra, this will be the one you are wearing on your wedding day, so make sure you get fitted properly. You don’t want to be trying on these beautiful dresses with that same bra you wear every day. Treat yourself to new bra and panties!
Try on as many as you need, but not too many. Find a salon that carries your top three designers and start there.
Bring a shoe with a heel close to what you will wear on your wedding day.
Keep in mind where the wedding will take place. Are you going to want a long sleeve dress if your wedding is on the beach in July?

Don’t forget about the entire dress. You have to like the top, bottom, back and sides.
Don’t pick one that’s trendy now. If you are getting married a year or more down the line, you may not feel the same then.
Don’t freak out about size, this is common that dresses come in a basic size. Hence is why you have to shop early enough, most times they need to be ordered.
Don’t hate the dress by the way it looks on the hanger, try it on, you never know this might just be the one.

Do you have someone in the family who wants you to wear there dress? Or maybe you just want to have a little sentimental something to remind you of someone who is no longer with you. Think about having a swatch of something that belongs to that person sewn in the dress. Or maybe your Grandmother had a special piece of jewelry she wore all the time; you can incorporate that into your dress or bouquet. It could even be something from a Godparent or Grandfather.

Talking food options

While we are on the subject of venues, the next thing to think about is something near and dear to many people……
When you start to think of your menu, keep in mind the type of reception you want to have. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Time of they your having your reception, you may not want to serve a breakfast at 8:00 at night.
If you are doing a early ceremony, think about a brunch…….some fresh fruit, mini quiche, great pastries, and let not forget the Bloody Mary’s & Mimosa’s, these are always a hit!

If you would rather have something a little later in the afternoon, think about heavy Hors D’oeuvers. Some light finger foods and be sure to mix it up with both hot and cold. Keep the alcohol light, and the food flowing.

Lastly is a full reception. You can do either a buffet style or sit-down dinner. Check with the venue to see what works best for your budget. Start with a nice fresh salad, maybe a chilled soup if the weather is warm then follow up with a beautiful meal.

You can always break the routine of the dinner by maybe getting in your first dance between courses. It will help move the night along and also time for everyone to take a break and enjoy the atmosphere.

Lastly you can finish up with your beautiful wedding cake. Not into the cake seen, you can always do a dessert buffet. This will give people the opportunity to try a few things. It will also be nice to have to-go boxes for those who want to take a snack home with them. Don’t forget your coffee & tea drinkers, some of them do like to have a hot beverage after dinner.

Let us take our minds off Weddings for a minute….

So the big game is behind us and Spring Training doesn’t start for a little while so let’s get to the important stuff……….

Valentine’s Day

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we all want to be whisked off our feet by the one we love. We want that story book romance, the “Happily Ever After” you can have that and more…..

Sometimes the smallest things can mean so much, a hand written not in his/hers lunch, a card for no reason at all, doing the dishes without being asked, a backrub, better yet……a foot rub or maybe it can be breakfast in bed.

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, so if you can pull it off make a weekend out of it! Send the kids off to Grandma’s for a couple of days; she’ll love spending time with them.

You can start the day off with breakfast in bed, make it a little more special by doing heart shaped pancakes and then add a delicious Mimosa!!!

Follow that up with lunch, how about a picnic lunch on the beach? Ok, so you can’t do the beach everywhere this time of year, but use your imagination. Toss a blanket on the floor, turn up some music and you are good to go! If you can get to the beach you’ll enjoy the sounds of the surf, the sun in your face and then finish the afternoon by taking a stroll in the sand. Make sure to look for seashells so you’ll remember this day every time you look at them.

Well, if you’ve done all these things and more, take it a little easier for the rest of the night. Go ahead and make reservations at a nice quite place that you can sit back and enjoy each others company. How about some dancing afterwards?

Check out these great ideas for Valentine’s Day Dinner; don’t wait too long, there is nothing worse than not getting a reservation for such a perfect night. So just because the night has ended, be sure to keep the love

Check in next week and I will continue the blog right where I should…..with food.

Going to finish this week with these words…….

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Did someone say Beach Wedding??

I know we have talked quit a bit about Venues, but let’s take it one more step…. how about a beach wedding? Can’t you just hear it now…the waves crashing in the background, the smell of the salty air, the cry of the birds above you, the sun in all it’s glory setting behind you all the while your toes are sunk in the sand!! You know you are longing for all of this…..

You can have all of this and more……

Can’t get enough of these beautiful backdrops…..

Things to keep in mind when you book a spectacular wedding with any of our venus, is we don’t charge for sunsets or rainbows!!
With a few of our packages, they include a Champagne Toast, all of our menu packages include your choice of a delicious Wedding Cake, think about how that can save on your budget!!

Looking at Venues….

Now that you have set a date, lets talk Venues -
Keep in mind a large portion of your budget will go towards this, now when I talk venue, this includes the venue, catering and any rentals.
When looking at a venue it can sometimes feel like you are buying a house…location, location, location. You can make things a lot easier on everyone if you do the “one stop shopping”.
Do you want to have your ceremony and reception at the same place? This can be a very convenient option and may save some money down the road.
How can you not love that backdrop??
Check out these if you are looking for a sunset/beach wedding….
One of our beautiful locations in Dunedin Florida #sunsets#advantus
Wanna dig your toes in the sand? How about getting married on Sand Key Beach?
Take notes when visiting venues. Yes Ladies this is where that Bridal Organizer is needed. You will find yourself overwhelmed after a little while trying to remember who had what and how much things cost. Ask lots of questions, don’t be shy now, this is all about you and your big day!
  • Where does the ceremony take place? What is included with the ceremony package? ie. flowers, music, officiant.
  • Can you use your own Officiant?
  • Is there an extra cost for staff/bartender?
  • Is there a clean-up fee?