And then there was Cupid

Struggling to make plans for Valentine’s Day? Haven’t even begun to think about it? Well, we have a few suggestions for you! Bon Appetit is having a Valentine’s Day Buffet, complete with dinner and a DJ upstairs in the Crystal Ballroom! Don’t think a night of dancing fits into your plans? Why not stop by for the four-course dinner?
Bon Appetit Dinner Dance 2014
Bon Appetit Valentine's Day Dinner 2014

Call (727) 733-2151 ext. 1 for reservations!

So You’re Having a Beach Wedding…

There’s something intrinsically romantic about a beach wedding – the calming sound of the waves, the feel of the sand beneath your feet, sharing your first dance as the sun sets in the background – it’s a dream. But the reality of it is that there are some details that can be easily overlooked. I would suggest providing the following items for you guests; they’re sure to appreciate the extra touch!

Beach Wedding Programs
Instead of a traditional program, why not make a paper fan for your guests to use? They’re less likely to get left at the ceremony site and they do double duty in the hot Florida sun!

Beach Wedding Personalized Sunscreen
Consider providing sunscreen for your guests – you wouldn’t want them going home burnt! Give them a cute, personalized bottle of sunscreen to bring home with them instead of red skin.

Beach Wedding Personalized Sunglasses
Cut down on the glare from the sand and water with a pair of personalized sunglasses. Available in multiple colors, personalized sunglasses are a favor that your guests are likely to actually keep.

Beach Wedding Personalized Bottled Water
Avoid dehydration by providing your guests with pleny of water. Personalized bottles are a nice touch.

Recent Events at Bon Appetit

Every wedding is a beautiful event, but here at Bon Appetit we’ve been lucky to host some gorgeous affairs. Hopefully you can take some inspiration from our past events! View more pictures from these events on Pinterest.

Weddings on the Water: A Bridal Showcase

Dunedin Weddings on the Water Bridal Show

Record it – Wedding Guestbook Ideas

The guestbook is a wonderful reminder of who helped make your wedding day special. It can come in many forms – from the traditional to the creative. Here are six ideas for those looking to forgo the traditional book.

Want some more ideas on how to personalize your wedding? Check out our Pinterest for more wedding inspiration!
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Take a Seat – Seating Arrangements with Personality

Seating Arrangements
Assigning seats for your wedding but don’t want to just number the tables? Try something a little more unique!


Have a wedding theme? Incorporate it into your seating arrangements. In the past, we’ve had brides mark their tables using different beach wares such as shells and starfish.


Place pictures from big events in your lives: baby pictures, first day of school, high school and college graduation, etc. These images work as a conversation starter and help guests from the other side learn a little more about either the bride or groom. Another version of this involves generations – wedding photos of great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents.


You could also categorize your tables using the interests and hobbies of the bride and groom. Although this may end up being very casual and eclectic, it is a way to get to express the personality of the bride and groom.


Pick trivia categories and place cards at the table. This acts as an icebreaker and is a fun activity throughout the evening. Each table can be a different category about the bride and groom such as childhood, college years, hobbies and interests, their relationship, etc. Once dinner is done, guests can move from table to table to see how much they know about the newlyweds.

Each of these ideas can be used in addition to or in place of table centerpieces and go a long way towards personalizing your wedding reception. See more wedding ideas on our Pinterest.

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Wedding Welcome Baskets

Wedding Guest Welcome Baskets

It’s the big weekend and your guests are beginning to arrive – why not greet the out-of-towners with a fun, personalized welcome basket? This simple touch lets them know that you truly appreciate them attending your special day. Leave them with the check-in desk at the hotel where you have your room block so that when guests check in they are given the basket.

Welcome note

Let your out of town guests know that you appreciate them coming to your wedding by writing them a welcome note. Accompany it with an itinerary for the weekend listing starting times and addresses/directions to all events. This could also include important contact information, in case they have any questions as well as the information for your wedding app or website if you have one.

Personalized Door Hangers

These door hangers are great for guests for multiple reasons. First, they are a fun way to tell other wedding guests which rooms have other guests. They are also a nice alternative to the “Do Not Disturb” signs provided by the hotels. Just a few options for getting these include ordering them pre-customized, or trying your hand at one of these two templates from DIY Wedding Templates and Martha Stewart Weddings.

List of things to do in area

Highlight the wedding location by including a list of things to do in the area. There is usually time to kill during a weekend wedding. Guests who are unfamiliar with the area will appreciate suggestions on what to do any see. You can also include local snacks and bottles of water.

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DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Picking a centerpiece that fits the theme of the wedding, the personality of the couple, and their budget can seem like a daunting task. One cost-effective option is always to make your own! These centerpieces are all DIY, beach themed options for your wedding on the water!

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Appy Wedding Day

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again – there’s an app for that. More wedding apps are starting to pop up in the various app markets and there is one available for just about anything. I decided to take a look at four popular apps – all of which are free.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner (iTunes)

Most brides-to-be know about The Knot, a website for everything wedding. Their team has released a wedding planner app that syncs up with your account on The, helping you stay organized and up-to-date on all decisions you’ve made. This app includes a wedding countdown, checklist, budget tool, wedding vendor locator, and thousands of inspirational ideas for everything from the dress, to cakes, and hairstyles.

Wedding 911 (iTunes)

Also by The Knot, Wedding 911 is a bride or groom’s hub for answers to any wedding-related question possible. The app provides answers to over 150 from multiple resources. You can also post your own question if you can’t find it in the list. Questions are categorized by topic.

WedPics (iTunes and Android)

If you’re looking for an alternative to dozens of disposable cameras, consider WedPics. Available online and as a smartphone app, WedPics allows your weddings guests to upload their photos from your wedding into one online album so that you don’t have to go searching for the images later. Simply create your album, and then give your guests the passkey to use it. The albums support uploads from digital cameras and smartphones.

Married App (iTunes and Android)

The Married App for your wedding is an all-in-one app for day-of information. Set up ahead of time, it is a place for guests to upload and take photos, request a song, sign a guestbook, view wedding details such as times and locations, and many other options.

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Wedding Reception-This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Brunch!

When many people picture a brunch, they think of quiche, Danish, juice and coffee.   Sounds pretty boring for a wedding reception, right??  WRONG!!!  The idea of “brunch” has changed a lot over the years.  No longer does it have to be boring with basic breakfast offerings!   As a matter of fact, brunch has become pretty “hip” in the last few years as chefs and catering coordinators are coming up with some pretty amazing ideas!  A wedding brunch is a great way to impress your guests and save money at the same time.  A ceremony earlier in the day also keeps you out of the heat of the mid afternoon, and frees you up to do something special with your new spouse for that evening…maybe even leave on that amazing honeymoon you’ve been looking forward to!

Bon Appetit Restaurant has amazing Champagne Brunch options that are perfect for an afternoon reception.  The packages are inclusive and still include everything from décor package, wedding cake and champagne punch.  Still want that DJ and maybe Mimosas to start?  We can add that on as well!  It can be all that you want it to be and the good news is that it’s usually much cheaper than a dinner reception!

As for a menu?  How about an Omelet station with a chef that cooks    your omelets made to order, carved ham or Turkey with golden  raisin glaze, Chicken Napoleon with Sweet Pecan Butter or Cheese  Blintzes with Fresh Strawberry Sauce!  (My mouth is watering    already!!)  These are just a FEW of the options you could choose!   No  more spinach quiche! (Unless you love spinach quiche of course!).

Bon Appetit Restaurant in beautiful downtown Dunedin, Florida has a waterfront location with a view that will make your event stand out.  We would love for you to come in for a tour and to find out exactly what we can do to help create a beautiful event for your Wedding Day or any other special event.  Just remember, don’t   count out the brunch option.  It can be an extremely elegant  and classy event and save you money too!

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