Talking food options

While we are on the subject of venues, the next thing to think about is something near and dear to many people……
When you start to think of your menu, keep in mind the type of reception you want to have. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Time of they your having your reception, you may not want to serve a breakfast at 8:00 at night.
If you are doing a early ceremony, think about a brunch…….some fresh fruit, mini quiche, great pastries, and let not forget the Bloody Mary’s & Mimosa’s, these are always a hit!

If you would rather have something a little later in the afternoon, think about heavy Hors D’oeuvers. Some light finger foods and be sure to mix it up with both hot and cold. Keep the alcohol light, and the food flowing.

Lastly is a full reception. You can do either a buffet style or sit-down dinner. Check with the venue to see what works best for your budget. Start with a nice fresh salad, maybe a chilled soup if the weather is warm then follow up with a beautiful meal.

You can always break the routine of the dinner by maybe getting in your first dance between courses. It will help move the night along and also time for everyone to take a break and enjoy the atmosphere.

Lastly you can finish up with your beautiful wedding cake. Not into the cake seen, you can always do a dessert buffet. This will give people the opportunity to try a few things. It will also be nice to have to-go boxes for those who want to take a snack home with them. Don’t forget your coffee & tea drinkers, some of them do like to have a hot beverage after dinner.

Let us take our minds off Weddings for a minute….

So the big game is behind us and Spring Training doesn’t start for a little while so let’s get to the important stuff……….

Valentine’s Day

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we all want to be whisked off our feet by the one we love. We want that story book romance, the “Happily Ever After” you can have that and more…..

Sometimes the smallest things can mean so much, a hand written not in his/hers lunch, a card for no reason at all, doing the dishes without being asked, a backrub, better yet……a foot rub or maybe it can be breakfast in bed.

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, so if you can pull it off make a weekend out of it! Send the kids off to Grandma’s for a couple of days; she’ll love spending time with them.

You can start the day off with breakfast in bed, make it a little more special by doing heart shaped pancakes and then add a delicious Mimosa!!!

Follow that up with lunch, how about a picnic lunch on the beach? Ok, so you can’t do the beach everywhere this time of year, but use your imagination. Toss a blanket on the floor, turn up some music and you are good to go! If you can get to the beach you’ll enjoy the sounds of the surf, the sun in your face and then finish the afternoon by taking a stroll in the sand. Make sure to look for seashells so you’ll remember this day every time you look at them.

Well, if you’ve done all these things and more, take it a little easier for the rest of the night. Go ahead and make reservations at a nice quite place that you can sit back and enjoy each others company. How about some dancing afterwards?

Check out these great ideas for Valentine’s Day Dinner; don’t wait too long, there is nothing worse than not getting a reservation for such a perfect night. So just because the night has ended, be sure to keep the love

Check in next week and I will continue the blog right where I should…..with food.

Going to finish this week with these words…….

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Did someone say Beach Wedding??

I know we have talked quit a bit about Venues, but let’s take it one more step…. how about a beach wedding? Can’t you just hear it now…the waves crashing in the background, the smell of the salty air, the cry of the birds above you, the sun in all it’s glory setting behind you all the while your toes are sunk in the sand!! You know you are longing for all of this…..

You can have all of this and more……

Can’t get enough of these beautiful backdrops…..

Things to keep in mind when you book a spectacular wedding with any of our venus, is we don’t charge for sunsets or rainbows!!
With a few of our packages, they include a Champagne Toast, all of our menu packages include your choice of a delicious Wedding Cake, think about how that can save on your budget!!

Looking at Venues….

Now that you have set a date, lets talk Venues -
Keep in mind a large portion of your budget will go towards this, now when I talk venue, this includes the venue, catering and any rentals.
When looking at a venue it can sometimes feel like you are buying a house…location, location, location. You can make things a lot easier on everyone if you do the “one stop shopping”.
Do you want to have your ceremony and reception at the same place? This can be a very convenient option and may save some money down the road.
How can you not love that backdrop??
Check out these if you are looking for a sunset/beach wedding….
One of our beautiful locations in Dunedin Florida #sunsets#advantus
Wanna dig your toes in the sand? How about getting married on Sand Key Beach?
Take notes when visiting venues. Yes Ladies this is where that Bridal Organizer is needed. You will find yourself overwhelmed after a little while trying to remember who had what and how much things cost. Ask lots of questions, don’t be shy now, this is all about you and your big day!
  • Where does the ceremony take place? What is included with the ceremony package? ie. flowers, music, officiant.
  • Can you use your own Officiant?
  • Is there an extra cost for staff/bartender?
  • Is there a clean-up fee?

How Much Is It Going To Cost?

It seems that when a discussion comes up between brides and grooms one of the most common phrases is “How much is it going to cost for the…… (fill in the blank with your vendor and/or wedding option of choice)”?  I believe most couples go into planning their wedding with what they feel is a realistic budget and idea of what they want and need for a successful and joyful event.  Once you start the actual planning process it seems that budget gets quickly washed out to sea.

This is why it is so important and helpful when looking for a wedding and/or reception venue to work with a place that has cared enough about their brides and grooms to put together packages with as many inclusions as possible – negotiating with their preferred vendors to get not only the best prices for their couples, but also putting together packages to save time and stress for the couple.  This is something we have worked diligently to do at Bon Appetit Restaurant.

Our Special Events Coordinators know how important this day is, and the packages they have put together save the bride and groom an average of 30% off of A-La-Carte prices for things that they need and want such as butler passed hors d’oeuvres , bar packages, wedding cake, linens and valet parking just to name a few.  (You can check out Bon Appetit Wedding packages by clicking here.) Having a professional coordinator who can help manage these things and having one all-inclusive package price to figure out your bottom line is a huge relief for most couples.  No more managing payments to a dozen different vendors for a dozen different services.  Almost everything you need is figured into the package price and that means you are paying one location for many vendors and Bon Appetit will take care of the details.  Whew!  Now you can move on to more important things … like planning that honeymoon!!!

Contact us today to set up a time for a personal tour of our banquet rooms and to go over the special details of your event.  Your expectations are important to us and we would love to help you create beautiful wedding memories.

Finding a venu

So now that you’ve said yes, and you have told your parents, you have told your parents, right? You can start getting to the nitty gritty.
The average U.S. engagement is 16 months. We all know that is not always true. You may not want to wait that long, and that’s fine. Here are some of the basics….
The best way to start is to be organized. You can spend the money and get a Bridal Organizer at Barnes and Noble on line at Amazon or any other on line site. Or to save money, make one yourself. It is important to keep things organized and all in one place. Making one yourself will save a few dollars, and you’ll want to save anywhere you can. Be sure to keep all of your receipts together.

One of the first things you and your fiancé need to decide on is a budget and who is paying for what. Times have changed and a lot of couples are waiting to get married. So this is up to each family to decide on how to handle this.
The average wedding cost about $25,200.00. Couples typically spend between $18,900.00 and $31,500.00. So start saving those pennies!!

Next few things would be a date and a venue site. Now keep in mind, people book weddings 1-2 years out, so don’t be disappointed when that date you want is booked. Keep your options and your heart open. One other thing to think about is the day of the week you get married. Yes, Friday & Saturday are the most popular, but you can sometimes get great deal for booking a weekday. It may also help with flights when you book your Honeymoon!!
When booking with any of our venues, we keep your budget in mind. With us you can get married on the beach and follow with a beautiful reception on the beach.

It’s been awhile….

Did he pop the big question? The ring is beautiful! Now let the fun begin…..

Whether or not to have a small intimate wedding with family and a few close friends or let’s throw the party of the year and invite everyone!

Sometimes trying to organize a wedding can be so stressful. From Save-the-Date to where you go on your Honeymoon. His Mom wants this, your Mother wants that, you have to have your cousins-brothers-in-laws-sister in the wedding because after all “she’s family”. The Bridesmaids don’t get along, don’t like the dresses you like, the list can go on and on.

There is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to your wedding day, it’s just that……………


So You’re Having a Beach Wedding…

There’s something intrinsically romantic about a beach wedding – the calming sound of the waves, the feel of the sand beneath your feet, sharing your first dance as the sun sets in the background – it’s a dream. But the reality of it is that there are some details that can be easily overlooked. I would suggest providing the following items for you guests; they’re sure to appreciate the extra touch!

Beach Wedding Programs
Instead of a traditional program, why not make a paper fan for your guests to use? They’re less likely to get left at the ceremony site and they do double duty in the hot Florida sun!

Beach Wedding Personalized Sunscreen
Consider providing sunscreen for your guests – you wouldn’t want them going home burnt! Give them a cute, personalized bottle of sunscreen to bring home with them instead of red skin.

Beach Wedding Personalized Sunglasses
Cut down on the glare from the sand and water with a pair of personalized sunglasses. Available in multiple colors, personalized sunglasses are a favor that your guests are likely to actually keep.

Beach Wedding Personalized Bottled Water
Avoid dehydration by providing your guests with pleny of water. Personalized bottles are a nice touch.

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